“A Journey of transformation” – Group show at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2017

Working for this show made me realise my journey with clay has constantly gravitated towards finding quietude and expression in the theme of silence.

Silent chimes and Silent fold revisited using saggar techniques.

Transformation sees fruits in an exaggerated larger than life fashion.

Prayer wheels – Run your fingers on the wheels of time. Trust life, let its swirling shades spin you.

Sometimes life shreds us, scattering us apart, and we put back the torn pieces and heal, putting ourselves back together, maybe a bit humbled, but stronger…
Empty cups of abundance – Simple empty vessels. Allow yourself to be empty. So life may fill… overspill.

Cages – Anger and fear cages us. Trust, faith… a door opens. Trust life, have faith in its intent.