2021 – “Table Manners” – Art & Soul Gallery, Mumbai.

Persephone’s fruit, the pomegranate
The pomegranate with its bountiful seeds as my form inspires me with its symbolism of prosperity, abundance and constantly evolving life cycle. Food is not only something that provides nutrition to nourish our body but also something that nurtures our mind and thoughts. The ripeness of a fruit is not an end, rather its the mature belly nurturing fresh seeds as potential to perpetuate life. A fruit in all its maturity embodies the very womb of creation.

Using fruit as the form in a mural I hope to remind the viewer to feel gratitude and wonder at the magnanimity of nature for constantly providing food and resources. As we sit down for our next meal at our humble table, may we all value and savour the food that nourishes us as natures unconditional and abundant gift.